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At Fit for a Queen, we believe in empowering our next generation Girls to lead across all sectors of society with Grace and Strength and Dignity irrespective of background of demographic.

The world is waiting for young women to step out, step up and to occupy their space in society with the right spirit.

With the pressure in the schooling system these topics cannot be addressed effectively, and our girls is in desperate need of being seen, heard, groomed, mentored and encouraged to be the best they can be no matter what difficulties they might face.

They are our future mothers, wives, business executives etc. and we have a responsibility to pour into their lives for the greater good.

To that end Fit for a Queen has developed interactive sessions for young girls (aged 14 – 18) with Course content such as:

  • Understanding my unique Identity and Purpose
  • Cultivating a healthy Self Image
  • How to deal with problems with parents, authority figures
  • The importance of healthy friendships and relationships
  • The dangers and addiction of excessive social media use
  • How to know if my habits are healthy or destructive
  • Leadership Course

These courses mostly take place via Zoom or in physical schools depending on location.

It is ideal that we have a minimum of 5 girls on a course to create an interactive session environment.

Let us join hands in making a difference – Refer a Girl to Fit for a Queen and if she signs up for a program you get 30% discount on any course you choose to do with us!

  • We aim to create further awareness of Fit for a Queen programs with the sales of wristbands in various colours with the phrase: Fit for a Queen
  • Serves as a reminder to ladies and teen girls that they are valuable, and to all wearing this that we need to be our ‘sister’s keeper in an ongoing fight against violence towards woman
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