We are currently living in a reality where there is no connection and fellowship happening as it was and as it should be, which is causing a lot of woman to not have the support that we can and should have. Thus causing lots of fear and borderline depression and anxiety where there is not outlet for women to connect, talk about and share what it is that you are going through. 

Through this “ONLINE WOMEN’S CONNECT SESSION” we want to create a platform where women can find support from a Godly perspective and where it is OKAY to be yourself, where there is no judgment or per-conceived ideas, it is just women irrespective of your background, that come together to support each other, pray for each other, minister to each other to ensure that together with the Word of God we can reach out to one another to help each other with inner healing, thoughts, mind and will increases better to what it currently is.

As women we need to put aside our differences, take hands and support each other… We don’t always know what another woman is going through by just looking at her outward appearance. We don’t see if there is emotional, mental, financial or physical abuse happening. So without exposing women and their struggles, we want to create a platform where you feel free and comfortable to be part of a family as such and to find home and support system where you can talk about and share what it is you are going through.

Join Charlene Davids on Saturday 11 September 2021 for our “Online Women’s Connect Session” where we will discuss your personal journey of emotional wellness,  as well as understanding Spirit, Soul and Body.

We have exciting guest speakers and the sharing of testimonies lined up, as well as prizes to be won!

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